Get your pool up and running for the summer.  This service puts the pool back into operating condition. When possible, we will inspect all equipment for leaks and fix any drips. We will evaluate your equipment and offer suggestions we feel may improve the function of your system.

We will remove your winter cover for an additional fee; this includes folding up the cover and rolling up the water bags. In most situations, we pump off the dirty water on top of the winter cover in order  to keep the pool water as clear as it was in the fall.

This service does not include igniting pilot lights, vacuuming the pool, adding chemicals or washing the winter cover. Please let us know if you have any special requests or circumstances you feel we should know about prior to arriving.

Liner Samples spsA new liner is a great way to make your pool look new again; it can change the feel of your backyard. We offer many different colours and patterns from which to choose.  We take great care in preparing your pool for the new liner and pay close attention to detail to ensure a seamless installation and a long life for your liner.

There are many factors to keep in mind during a liner change and we want to go over all the options and considerations with you so that you can feel confident in your decisions.  It is best to schedule an appointment to review all the details, so that we can best understand what you would like accomplished.

Click HERE to view a 2023 Liner Brochure.

Water loss is a common problem with pools.  We are experienced at identifying and repairing the causes of water loss,  which can include a broken pipe underground, holes in your liner or any other number of factors.



TIP: Always be careful if you are buying a home in the winter months and be sure to add a condition to the buyers’ agreement regarding the state of the pool.

Having your pool professionally winterized is the best way to reduce the risk of damage caused during the cold winter months. We drain all equipment and empty all lines of water that are at risk of freezing. We drain the pool as little as possible, unless asked otherwise. We recommend a foam kit to prevent damage to the skimmer and a winter chemical kit to help the water for the following year. We will install  any winter cover or leaf net for an additional fee.

Listed above are some of our more common services.  We have gained a lot of experience in service and repair having dealt with many different situations over the years; Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean we don’t do it.  Please contact us with any questions of concerns you have about your pool…We have a solution!

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